Mostly all the corporate tours happened to many companies, or around the industrial corridors. But sometimes it is better to spend some time in nature. Maybe you are a couple, a general tourist group or maybe a corporate group. A corporate group can also enjoy it here at Pachmarhi. Parchmarhi is not only full of natural sites but also has some companies like software companies, and other small and medium scale industries etc. A corporate tour can be memorable and refreshing after coming here from a tired and stressed work life of the corporate sector. There pressure can be released here and employees can work more better than previous because of the refreshment.

Some of the areas and there beauty are given below:

  • Satpura National Park protects as well as showcases many of the most rare animals, as well as a diversity of other plants as well as wildlife. Our refuge had also been given the TOFT Nature – based tourism Award in 2010 for being the most traveler wildlife site. It is definitely worth a visit for wildlife enthusiasts, but seeing various species and other activities will be a wonderful experience.
  • Jata Shankar Caves is another famous place in Pachmarhi, it is also associated with just some Hindu mythologies, since it was a temple dedicated To lord Shiva took shelter himself to prevent unnecessary Bhasmasur’s wrath, as well as according to an additional folklore, this lair represents the classical mythology thousand snake going to name Sheshanaag, and it is a second common perception that the bedrock of this cellar evokes Lord Shiva’s dirty hair, hence the pseudonym Jata Shankar Tomb This is an great place for believers as well as the quiet seeker to spend a few minutes alone.
  • Bee Fall- Tourists must walk approximately 100 levels to approach the Fall, which affords a peaceful as well as tranquil atmosphere within which to appreciate wildlife as well as the mesmerizing sight of rain falling from a distance into the natural beautiful forest, in addition to taking a dip in the freshwater.
  • Pachmarhi’s winter season should last from October to February, with temperatures up from 4 degrees Celsius to 14 degrees Centigrade.
  • Pachmarhi offers pleasant, foggy, and chilly weather in this season which perfectly gives you the romantic vibes and atmosphere, maybe that is the reason that it is a season when you find plenty of honeymoon couples to make their trip memorable. Sightseeing and hiking on a warm and friendly day is the thing to enjoy with your colleagues.
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